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We are pleased to announce the meeting "Spacetimes with anisotropic scaling symmetry and holography", to be held at Universidad Adolfo Ibañez, at Viña del Mar, Chile, from January 11th to 15th, 2016. The aim of the conference is to disscuss, in a distended environment, recent topics on the non-relativistic extensions of the AdS/CFT correspondence and related topics.


There is no conference fee, nevertheless participants are requested to contact with an email containing their name and affiliation as well as the dates they plan to attend to the meeting.


Invited speakers


Tomás Andrade (University of Oxford, UK)

Eloy Ayón-Beato (CINVESTAV, México)

Jerome Gauntlett* (Imperial College, UK)

Gaston Giribet (ULB, Brussels, Belgium & Buenos Aires University, Argentina)

Hong Lü* (Beijing Normal University, China)

Robert Mann* (TBC) (Waterloo University, Canada)

Simon Ross (Durham University, UK)

Justin Vázquez-Poritz (CUNY, USA)


(* to be confirmed)


Local Organizing Commitee:


Andrés Anabalón (Universidad Adolfo Ibañez, Chile)

Sofía Campodónico (Universidad Adolfo Ibañez, Chile)

Alex Giacomini (Universidad Austral de Chile, Chile)

Julio Oliva (Universidad Austral de Chile & Universidad de Concepción, Chile)




The conference is partially funded by CONICYT, Chile and RCUK, UK, through the grant "Spacetimes with anisotrpic scaling symmetry and holography" of the Newton-Picarte Iniciative. We also appreciate the support of Universidad Austral de Chile and Universidad Adolfo Ibañez.


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